Service Car That Services!

By Andy C.

Due to upkeep and maintenance cost along with a devastating life altering illness I found my self in a position of no longer being able to afford my 2000 Chevrolet lifted ZR2 S-10. I, with a bit of sadness sold my ride. In need of something dependable, long lasting, comfortable, and affordable I began my search for an ex-service Ford Crown Victoria. I found one 5 years newer than my truck. 50,000 less miles than my truck, for a low price of 30% less than I sold my truck for. An Air conditioning that works, a smoother and quieter ride, and very clean for an ex service car. My illness makes me noise sensitive , light sensitive, vibrations irritate me. I needed a ride that would be worry free for an extraordinary low price. Ford delivered on all my needs. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for my Crown Victoria and Ford. I feel blessed to have things work out for me and to actually improve on all things where my ride was concerned. I really need to double my MPG, and Ford has those available, yet not really in my budget. So we'll worry about that another day.
I am hooked on Ford now, and if I can't drive a Ford because of either not having one, or not having Gas for one, then I only pray for good enough health to ride my bicycle.