Passing On The Ford Story.

As a member of a family of 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls, and growing up on a farm in Carleton Michigan, I became aware early on that Ford was very much a part of my life. Ford vehicles started filling the yard as we grew up. My first vehicle at the age of 15 was a 1937 Ford 60 HP V-8 which I purchased for 100 dollars. In 1965 I hired in at The Rouge in The Transportation Services Department. During my working days at Fords I was fortunate to be able visit almost every Ford Facility in Michigan and Ohio. The plants at Highland Park, Northville, and of course all of the Dearborn facilities were the most interesting. I began collecting Ford related books in 1975 and have some 46 in my collection. A few of those books related my family connection to Mr Henry Ford. My Great-Great Grandfather Peter Esper had land transactions with Mr Fords Father William in Dearborn Michigan. Al Esper, my Fathers first cousin, was in charge of the Ford Test Track in Dearborn Michigan and dealt with Mr Ford directly over his career at The Ford Motor Company. After my retirement from Fords in 1997 I contacted The Henry Ford Estate and entered the Docent Training Program. After completing the program I began leading Tours through The Henry Ford Estate.
Over my lifetime I have owned over 25 ford Vehicles. Presently we have a 2008 Ford Taurus and a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria. The 1992 Ford Crown Victoria was built in November of 1991, thus it turned 20 years old in November of this year 2011. It has 224,000 miles on it and still runs and looks like it did in 1992.
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Leo R. (Dick) Esper.
Tommy Humphreys 12/23/2011
Enjoyed reading the story. Like the garage door