My Best-friend!

This is my 1991 Ford Crown Victoria and this car has been my best friend for 7 years and I can't belive all the trips and adventures we've taken :)
That's all I drive. I had a '91 C.V. wagon, put 400K on it. I drove it into the junkyard only because the body completely rusted away, the engine wouldn't die. I had an '86 Grand Marquis before that and currently am driving an '89 LTD Crown Vic as a daily driver. It's clean as a whistle, no rust or dents, the roof is alittle faded but I plan on repainting it the same color in the spring. It runs and drives as smooth as silk and looks as good as gold. I wouldn't trade it for anything new. They don't make em like that anymore.
has a 1988 crown vic i think they last forever!!
Aidan Nash 11/24/2011
Yep Nancy has about only 33,643 Miles! :)
T Craig-P71CV 11/23/2011
The Crown Victoria is one of the best cars ever made by Ford. Keep that beast for as long as you can. I had a 91 model like yours and I put well over 350,000 on the odometer. You can't kill these cars. I also had a 90 Grand Marquis, and I'm currently driving a 98 Crown Vic that I've ownd for 10 years now, and next year I will be after a 2010 or 2011 CV, plus I plan on keeping my current CV for many more years to come. Take care of that car buddy and she'll last you forever.