My 18 Year Old Son's Car-deer Accident

I want to thank you. The 1995 Crown Victoria, with police interceptor package, had just rolled onto 260,000 miles and was running perfect. Tonight, it saved my son. He hit a 125+ pound doe on a country road. The hood is what kept the deer from going through the windshield. He has a few airbag burns on his arms and chest and a little on his face, but he is alive and uninjured. This was his Dad's car (my husband) which he purchased at a police auction (it is a retired police car). My husband named her Bernice. We gave Bernice to our son as his Graduation gift.

On November 26th, 2010, our son called us to let us know that he had just hit a deer. He was going 53 mph when he hit the doe. I am so proud of him for obeying the rules of the road, as he was wearing his seat belt. I am forever grateful for the safety precautions that are taken to make your vehicles so safe. I would not know what to do had this gone the other way. I thank God and Ford for keeping our son safe. I know his girlfriend is also very grateful for your pride in workmanship and safety. Thank you.

tim pennock 09/02/2011
had a 97 police pkg vic had the same thing happen and was happy to say it was very much still drive