Into The Sunset...

By Mike B.

I left police work to retire after 25 good years. It's a toguh way to make a living but I couldn't be more grateful for the time I was a cop, nor for the fine men and women with who I worked. Change is kind of hard for police officers: new laws, new technologies, new and refined procedures to learn. Mostly good but sometimes a little hard to process. But the end of a long era and a special partnership has come for all in blue.

The Crown Victoria police Interceptor has finished its glorious run from the assembly lines at Ford to the streets of America. It is as iconic as the cow pony was to the Old West, and just as vital to the officers who drove it. It was at various times an office, a mount, a shield, a shelter and a general purpose transporter and partner. The Crown Vic carried all of our gear, flew like the wind and handled like a dream. It manuevered with a grace that belied its generous size and spacious cabin. And when new technologies entered its interior it still saved room and comfort for the most important resource aboard: the driver.

There will come a new generation of cars called "police interceptor", but each will have far to go to earn the respect and gratitude that our officers in blue have for the Crown Vic- America's cruiser.
Peter V. 04/07/2012
The crown vic is sort of a legend for me. Growing up in Europe and moving to the US only a short time ago i was only used to seeing them in movies and TV shows. This car deserves total respect. I'm sad to see it go but at least they could bring out a car with a special "crown vic" package to comemorate this beast. I belive These things are gonna be around for another decade or so untill it's completeley phased out due to their reliability and performance.Hopefully we'll see other fords rise to the glory of the crown vic aas the american police icon.
Allan C 03/06/2012
I'm also sad to see the car go. I felt this car was the perfect size for the men and women who protect and serve us as cops and state troopers. I feel we can kick in a few more tax dollars to give them a car that has room for them, carry gear, push cars, shield them along a freeway or interstate so they don't get hit by cars, and shield them in gun battles. This budget cutting on people who protect and serve us needs to stop. I don't want them to drive Yugo's for example. I would like to Ford make a retro 64' or 65' Gallaxy 500 on the old Crown Victoria platform.

All you cops get together bring back a replacement for the old Crown Victoria with petition. Then give the petition to Ford Motor Company and tell the politicians you want a cop the size of the old Crown Victoria. There should be a standard size cop for the men and women who protect and serve us. Would you cop's like a hybrid cop car the size of the old Crown Vic?

To all cop's and state trooper's thanks for your hard work. Next time can you give me a warning. Thanks again for your work I mean it, and I want Trooper Tom in a good car.
Jack Goebel 02/15/2012
I have to agree. The Crown Vic was my car while on the job. I loved it, especialy for all the room that it had. It came with all the power options and was just a great car to drive and handle. The car will be missed.