How My Crown Victoria Saved My Life. Twice

I am going to tell you the story of how my Ford saved my life twice, and still lives to tell the tale.

I drive a 1998 Crown Victoria. Not the best on gas, and as an older car, it has its own little quirks, but it gets the job done. After the month I've had, however, I will never drive anything other than a Crown Victoria.

To start off, I was driving from New York to North Carolina, then out to Utah. Two hours into my trip, I stopped to help a woman jumpstart her car on the side of I-287 in NJ. As I have the hood open, working on setting up the jump cables, a driver who wasn't paying attention rear ended my car on the shoulder and sent it flying 20 feet up the highway. Luckily, I jumped out of the way just in time. The damage to my car was minimal, (his Altima was a different story) and after talking with the police officers, I was on my way.

Fast forward three weeks later, and I am driving down a state highway in Utah. I pass a driver who was still accelerating from a stoplight, and didn't think much of it. Then out of nowhere, the woman floors it, and same-direction-side-swipes my car going about 90 mph at a 30 degree angle. I pulled over, and after calling 911 spending a considerable amount of time in the street freaking out, I inspect the damage. The passenger front door was effectively destroyed. The window was smashed, and both quarterpanels were severely damaged. The right rear wheel was half way off, but I was okay. Maybe not emotionally, but physically, I was fine. Not only that, but then I proceeded to jack up the car and replace the damaged wheel with the fullsize spare, and after the police officer inspected it, I DROVE away. Turns out the other woman had suffered a seizure at the wheel, and after careening into three concrete barriers, not much was left of her Sebring.

Now, adorned with pink ducktape, and a rain poncho for a window, I proudly tell people the story of how my Ford saved my life. Sadly, Crown Victorias are no longer in production, but you can bet that I will be first in line to purchase your next fullsize, frame-on-body vehicle. (If one is produced, anyway)

So thank you, Ford, for producing a vehicle that is durable and reliable. Sadly, my Crown Vic will be totalled by the insurance company, but I plan to buy it back and rehab it myself.
Erik S 09/26/2012
Ford's decided to ignore those of us who need a full size body on frame vehicle in favor of all monocoque construction. I understand why they've done it, but it is a mistake.
Evan M 08/15/2012
That is a really cool story!But your right it's too bad they are not making them anymore.