How Ford Saved My Husband's Life

By Amy M.

Just about two weeks before Christmas, my husband bought a 2008 Ford Ranger. It was practally brand new with about 11,000 miles on it. He was so excited! He called it "his baby". (Which I took quite personally!)

The day after Christmas, on a snowy afternoon, something happened, he lost control and he wrapped the truck around a telephone pole. Accidents happen, and he (human as he is) made a bad decision somewhere along the way.

Though he did not walk away, he had minimal injuriies. A fractured pelvis and a concussion. If he were in the 20 something year old CRX, I would have been planning his funeral instead of planning which Ford to buy next.

There has been so much flack about American made cars these days, and frankly I can tell you, Ford has saved my husband's life. Keep up the good work Ford, keep up the quality! You just don't hear all of the storiies that are just like mine.

With Great Respect,