Great Car

By Jake W.

I was looking for a car a couple of years ago when my Jeep was on its last leg. I had always wanted a Crown Vic. So my dad said if I could find one under 15K it was mine. I ended up finding it at a Toyota dealer with under 16K miles on it, it's white with a hole in the door where the spot light was. The funny thing is that it's an LX model. I took it for a test drive and I really liked it. My dad asked me if I was sure that this is what I wanted. and I said yes it its. So we go back and start doing paper work and we somehow ended up getting it for 6K and got 4K for the Jeep, which we used for the trade. I was so happy that I got this car and I have loved it since the day I got it. Actually this year I was offered a brand new 2011 dodge Charger to lease with my dad so we had a fun car. But that meant I would have to give up the Crown Vic. I almost did but as I was cleaning out my things I called it off. I don't regret it one bit. All of my friends said "How could you turn down a Charger for your Crown Vic, Its twice the car." I just said "You don't understand how much this car means to me." They made fun of me for weeks about that. I just had too much fun with the car to let it go. I feel like I want to keep it forever. Even if it wont be a collector car. It will be my Collector car. I want to say that Ford is making a huge mistake about discontinuing this car. DON'T!!!!