Ford Saves The Lives Of Two Deputies

At approximately 1:00a.m. on September 29th, 2010 I was the passenger in a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria. The driver was my friend William, We were on duty when we decided to go join some of our fellow Deputies at a Public Safety Checkpoint. We were traveling down the highway when a man who was in the opposing lanes of traffic, in a turn lane pulled out in front of us. We were traveling at approximately 65 miles an hour when the collision occurred. The vehicle we collided with ended up flipping and we collided with an embankment on the side of the road. And the highlight of this story.....we all walked away from the accident with minor injuries. Also I am 6ft 6in tall and 350lbs and was able to fit in the passenger side of the vehicle even with the computer terminal and escape injury. I would like to thank God and the fine people at Ford for saving our lives! I have never personally owned a Ford Vehicle of any kind but I do believe the next vehicle I purchase will be a ford!
karen S. 10/02/2010
I am the mother of Michael who was in that accident in the patrol car. When I saw it up close I could not believe that two people walked away from that accident. Thank you Ford for saving the lives of two very special people.
Lacy S. 10/01/2010
My husband was the passenger and I can say it is never a good moment when the Sheriff calls to say the Boys are headed to the ER by ambulance. I can't believe they were able to get out of the car without cutting the top off! I have never seen a hood destroyed like this and even the truck was damaged to where they could not get anything out of it. Lucky & Thankful to still have the boys.
Jonathan 10/01/2010
Glad to hear you made it ok - it's crazy how quickly accidents occur. Also glad to hear that you were both pretty well protected - I want to buy a new Ford in a year or so and I'm glad to hear all the stories from people who made it through bad accidents.