A Mustang Enthusiast Wedding

When my husband and I met three years ago at our church, we immediately connected over our shared love of all things Mustang. At the time we were both driving old Ford Crown Vics, but both of us were saving to buy our very own Mustang. From that moment on, our relationship revolved around the cars—our growing collection of Mustang memorabilia (250+ pieces so far!), vacations to Auto Shows displaying our favorite Mustangs, and even the bright red 2002 Mustang Ronnie bought me when I graduated Medical Assistant School last year.

Naturally, when Ronnie and I decided to get married, both of us agreed that a Mustang themed wedding was the way to go. We decided to have our ceremony and reception at Bozard Ford in St. Augustine, a local Ford dealer in our hometown. We decorated the area with Ford blue and silver decorations, complete with his and her Mustangs at the altar (outfitted with custom-made veil and bow tie), a Mustang cake and our personal Mustang memorabilia collection. Our wedding party even wore Ford blue and silver colors!

Ronnie and I could not have thought of a better way to spend our special day. We love Mustangs and have always been loyal Ford owners, so for us this was the perfect wedding. Someday, we even hope to purchase a Shelby GT500—our dream Mustang. But until then, we’ve settled for our six and a half foot python that we’ve lovingly named “Shelby.”
02SonicBlue 10/14/2011
Such a sweet story! :)