Why Didn't I Keep This Ford

The dealer's lot looked intimidating. I was fresh out of high school and working full time as a stocker and bagger at the local chain grocery store. Like most young boys, I was anxious to get my first car.

Dad said that he knew a guy he could trust that sold cars and that we would go see him. The salesman told Dad that he had just the car for me. Was I surprised when I found out that it was a Ford Crestliner. I had never heard of this model and I thought I was a car nut like most of my buddies.

This was 1956 and the Crestliner was a 1951 with the flathead V-8 and a stick shift with overdrive, not the overdrive of an extra gear as in today's cars, but like an extra transmission that you could lock in or out and would provide an overdrive in each of the three forward gears.

I drove this car for two years and then sold it. What a mistake. I have dreamed about this car many times, dreaming that I walked out to the garage and there it was alongside my current cars and I stepped in and took it for a nice ride on a nice day. What a disappointment to awaken and find it was only a dream.