My "Almost" First Car

When I was 15, and working at my Dad's Auto Body Repair Shop, in 1962 he gave me a 1950 Black 2 dr. Flathead, column shift "BEAUTY"! It was LOVE at first sight too! He said I could work on it when I was at the shop and when I turned 16 I could have my First Car to drive. Well after working on it for about 3 months the TEMPTATION came over me and I did something that CHANGED my Future...and driving!
I hitchhiked to the shop one night, with the keys I had made for me, and took a License Plate OFF a wrecked car and put it on the back of "MY" car.
After driving around for awhile a car was coming up FAST behind me and finally pulled in front of me and was going to BEAT the crap out of me till he saw whoi I was.
My cousin had wrecked his car, that I didn't know about, and brought it to my Dad's Shop to be fixed. Well I took HIS plate and he recognized the Number and took chase after me!
He, of course, told my Dad and that was the END of my FIRST ALMOST Car! I, to this day, would LOVE to find one of those "SHOEBOXES" to have again!