"My First Car....!"

I was 17 years old and I was taking flying lessons for my private pilot license. My parents would drive me to the school and wait while in my lesson. They had decided that I have to get a job to pay for the lessons. So I found a job working in a supermarket. Since I had to travel by city buses to go to school and work, it was a problem for me. My father had found a used car that I could afford, which would make it easier for me to go to school and work. The car was a 1954 Ford Convertible, black with a very worn out white top. Some person had replaced the tail lights with "bullet" type lights from a Cadillac. I drove the car and I felt a freedom that I could go any place I wanted to. I had the car until I graduated High School, and it was "left" behind when I joined the service in 1964. I have owned other fords over the years, a "Brand New" "68" Mustang, a 1993 Ford Explorer, and at the present time a 1995 Ford Explorer with 277,*** miles on it. Right now I am drooling over the 2013 Fusion, and antsy about the 2015 Mustang..............If the 2015 Mustang comes looking like what I've seen in "Car and Driver".........all I can say, is I want one......................GO FORD!