In Honor Of The Wagon.

I was three years old when I first laid eyes on it. My father was fixing it for his friend , who bought it new from the dealer. It was a 1970 Ford Country Squire LTD wagon with a C6 Transmission and a 390 FE big block. It ended up being my first car rebuild. We totally rebuilt the car after a family friend, had totaled the car in an accident. He sold the car to us figuring it was a lost cause. We started with the engine, having it blueprinted and machined, and then rebuilt it with the highest quality parts we could find. It ran so quiet; you had to open the car door to know it was running. We then rebuilt the front end and painted the car a deep metallic green (darker than the original light green), summarily becoming the envy of everyone we knew. It seated 9 passengers and had plenty of power. Most importantly it was beautiful. Admittedly, the wagon was outdated, heavy, gas hungry and large, but if I found another one I would buy it in a heartbeat. It would move when you pushed the pedal down, and it was classy looking. Needless to say, my connection with Ford is rather personal. Eventually it was t-boned in an accident, ending its role as a member of the family. We have never found a replacement that was as practical, beautiful, and powerful.

Its funny the title said it was a 74, my mother thought it was a 71, but in reality the Country Squires in those 2 years look nothing alike. It was a 70. I loved the hidden headlights and the back door and seat area. The dash was simple, but the radio position was rather anti-social. We added gauges that matched the cluster to the padded dash, then installed a new stereo to new position next to the ash tray. We managed to make it look like it was made that way. We also swapped the 2 barrel carburetor for the four barrel. I'm not kidding about the quiet running, we destroyed 2 starters trying to start the car while it was running. I'll get a picture up later.
Brad B 03/20/2012
Hey Fellow Wagon Master. I too love the Country Squire. We have to join our voices together to let Ford know we love our wagons and want them to be available again. Take the leadership position Ford and give us a Fusion, Focus, station wagon.
Bud Damberg 01/27/2012
I agree with you the Country Squire was a beautiful classy car. We had a 1973 Country Squire with a 400 CID engine. I'm looking all over ebay to find a Country Squire from the mid to late 1960's to 1978. Which in my opinion were the best looking Squires. And the hidden head lights were really very cool indeed.