My First Ford

I began driving in 1960. I worked Saturdays for the GM dealer in my home town, prepping cars.
I was watching for a good used car and in 1961 a trade-in came in it was a 1953 Ford Sedan. I knew the guy that owned it. He drove every weekend from the upper peninsular of Michigan down to Ortonville to see his Father.
The car had a flat head V8 with stick shift, all black with all the side chrome removed the car was repainted and looked great.
I had the money to buy it. I went to my Dad to look it over (it had over 100,000 miles on it). My Dad said I could buy it and put it on his insurance.
I drove that car for 3 years and put a lot of miles on it (don't know how many as the speedometer only when to 99,999). I found out after I bought it that the motor had never had any major work done on it, after plugs and points and a carb rebuild, it never gave me any trouble.
The car cost me $100.00 it was a great buy. When I sold it I got $150.00 for it
I have driven many Ford's since that and had very few problems.
Wish I had the car now so I could rebuild it for my grandson.
I am driving a 2010 Fusion now and I is one heck of a vehicle.

Thanks Ford,
David Buckingham
Davison, Michigan