First Ford

In 1953, after graduation and working, I decided to purchase my first Ford, it was a 4dr Sedan, with an automatic transmission. Until I went in to the US Army, it was a great vehicle. When I left I had my parents use it with there vehicle to get a 1954 Custom 4 door. That began my histroy into Fords, 1960, 1964,1965,1967,1970 Tbirds. Had a 1954 Ford Convertible when I returned from the military, then onwards and upwards. 1964 Mercury Montclair, 1959, 1981, 1989 Lincoln, and along the way 1972 Mercury Cougar, now running with a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. Great vehicle, hwy gives me around 28mpg, with 121500 on the odometer.