King And Queen Of Speed

My boyfriend and I began dating summer of 2011. When we first met while patients at a local hospital, we had discussed cars and both discovered that each of us owned a Ford. Not only did we both have a Ford, but they were fast and fiery. Due to our obsessions with speed, we soon bonded over our love for Mustangs and Cougars, especially the classics. He is doing a complete resto-mod on his Cougar, while I drive around my shiny red Mustang convertible. Although he lives about forty-five minutes from me, I drive to his house every chance I get on those glorious back roads designed for driving fast with the wind in your hair. While there, we have spent many days working on his Cougar and my Mustang, all the while discussing performance upgrades and modifications for torque, speed, and, of course, that head-turning paint job and exterior modifications. He plans to finish his Cougar around March or April, depending on the times that the weather conditions are perfect for his self-done paint job. However, his unfinished Cougar does not stop us from discussing his next project car, a full blown racing car built entirely by him so that the cost is lower and the car is faster. Through these months, I have learned an exponential amount of information about car restoration and performance upgrades. He has also taught me more than anyone else in my life about love, life, and happiness. From the moment I first saw him, I knew that he would be the light in my life for many years to come. My amazing relationship would not have happened if it were not for Ford Muscle.
Delwyn C 04/09/2012
most find love over a drink, you found it over a ford! i luv it!!
Cat 04/05/2012
Now that's a love story!