Owing Fords

My family is an all ford family . At current time I own 6 ford vehicles It all started with my father.That is all we have ever driven is a Ford vehicle. My son drives all Fords and he even works at a ford dealer. When my father passed away we even put a Ford logo on his headstone. The vehicles I own are a 1995 explorer, 1998 contour. 1998 taurus. 2001 ranger. 2006 Gt. mustang 2008 F-150. I never had any problems with any of them other than routine maintence. The vehicles that I owned before was 1963 F-100 1968 California Special mustang 1979 T-Bird ,1989 taurus 2000 focus, 2003 F-350 . Keep up the good work Ford.
William Robinson 11/04/2009
I have accsess to a 2008 ford fusion, and let me tell you I love this car. I have driven almost every kind of car at the auction. And the fusion is the most comfortable,styalish,best handling car out there. there is only one thing I would do to make it better; I would put on a suspension package to ride a little stiffer. Ford you are quality job one, nice job, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next..