My Daughter's "Beast"

By Tina A.

My daughter was given her red ford contour when she was in high school from her brother. She loves it and calls it her "Beast". Since she has owned the car, it has been flooded twice up to the dashboard from flooding in Ohio weather. Both times she let it dry awhile, and it started right up, no problems. She drove it through high school, and then during her nursing school. It took her through the cold harsh winters safely. I worried when she had to drive to her clinicals which were in Columbus Ohio 40 miles south of our home town. The speedometor does not work, the temperature gage, gas gage, and one head light does not work. She has locked herself out more times than I care to remember. I now live in Florida, and she is still in Ohio. I talked to her tonight. She was letting her car warm up after working her 12 hour shift. The weather there is -11 befor the wind chill consideration. She said other co-workers were having trouble getting their car batteries to work, she said "My beast started right up". Her and that car have been through a lot, and she stays positive. I asked her when was she going to get a new car. She said she loves her little beast, it's a champ she said. I just wanted to share because even when I worried about her driving late at night, and on the frozen roads, she always told me, "I love my car mom, I'll be fine". Just want to thank you Ford for keeping my angel safe. She makes me so proud. I'm sure when she is ready for her next car, I'm betting it will be a Ford also. Great car, and I must say it has gone beyond reliable. Sincerely, a very satisfied mother. And a daughter that never quits like her 1998 Contour.