My Contour Story

By Kyle B.

When I graduated high school in 2002 I wanted a new car. I was fond of the styling cues of the Contour and also of the gas mileage. At the time I could not afford the insurance on the Sport model so I bought a 1999 Toreador Red SE Zetec with an Automatic. I was so proud of my first "newer" car, but then while leisure cruising one day I saw SVT Contour. I have been a lifelong Ford fan and especially SVT, but at the time I thought they only made V8 performance vehicles. I knew right then and there I made the wrong purchase. As soon as I paid off the SE my hunt began for the toy I really wanted...the SVT Contour. I found my SVT Contour and purchased it on April 1st of 2006, #3175 of 6535 built August 21st, 1997. I was in love. This car is amazing! I bought it to have a fun summer toy and also to road course race for fun. My relationship with this car has been up and down, smiles while mashing the throttle to tears when I spun a bearing on it's 2.5L H.O. motor. I replaced that with a 3.0L duratec out of a 05 Ford Taurus and built the trans so the diff does not blow up from the increased power. It was a tough task to take on myself, but I did it and I do not regret it one bit! This car is so much fun to drive! I recently got rearended in it, but thought far enough ahead to stockpile rare SVT parts just in case. I plan on keeping this car for as long as i can keep it on the road. I know the SVT Contour was only made 3 years, but thank you Ford for doing something outside of your comfort zone and turning the already great Contour model into a racecar with the SVT version. I am so proud of my car and love getting compliments or weird looks when I tell them the exterior is stock from Ford!
Jon B 05/11/2012
I have a 1999 contour svt,showed a nEW Camaro a thing or 2,and with 4 drs!!SWEET!
iisj 07/27/2011
YEAA Go Duratec! nice car :)