A True Ford Family

I think the easiest way to tell my story and also stay within the word limit and to provide a visual impact is to use a "list" format. I will start with the first Ford I ever owned and progress to the latest purchase.

1. 1939 Ford Coupe. I bought this one while I was a senior in high school.
2. 1965 F100. We bought this used. It is now a service truck on our farm. We have the welders, tools
and fuel tank in it to service the farm equipment.
3. 1972 Ford F700 grain truck. We bought this used in 1982. Still in use on the farm.
4. 1972 Ford Pinto. We bought this used in 1976. Has been sold.
5. 1977 Ford F150. It is now being used for spare parts.
6. 1982 Ford Ranger. Bought new. I had a service Mgr. once tell me that Ford did not build a Ranger
in "82" until I showed him the tag on the door, mfg,d in 1982. This was totaled out in a freeway wreck.
7. 1987 Ford F150. My son recently traded it in on a new 2009 F150.
8. 1988 For F150. We have sold this one.
9. 1989 Ford Ranger. This replaced the 1982 that was totaled. We have sold it.
10.1991 Ford F350. Still in use on the farm.
11.1997 Ford Windstar. We have sold this one.
12.1997 Ford Contour. Bought this used in 2007. My daughter still drives it.
13.1999 Ford F350. We just recently bought this used.
14. 2000 Ford Ranger. Has 240,000 miles and still going strong.
15. 2001 Ford Escort. Bought this used in 2004. We have sold it.
16. 2003 Ford Windstar. Still in use today.
17. 2009 Ford F150. Our most recent addition.

This is probably a bad format for a story but It meets the "total word" requirement and provided a very good visual approach and provides the story of a TRUE FORD FAMILY.