300,000 Miles And Still Going!

I purchased my 1999 Ford Contour SE Sport with only 42 miles on it in the spring of 2000. I just recently went over 300,000 on the vehicle and still going strong. I've done most of the maintenance on my vehicle except when I do not have the tools to use. There have been hardly any major issues with my vehicle besides the check engine light being on for years. If I could find another Contour w/ half the miles and in decent shape I would get one but until this vehicle gives me another reason to I will be on the road with this one. No wrecks involved either with this vehicle. My wife tells me that I need a new car, I keep telling her that we'll see.
Brian 03/21/2013
Is yours an automatic or 5 speed? I also have a '99 with 197,000 on the clock and still running the original 2.0 VCT and CD4E auto tranny. Beefy little cars indeed!