Wishes Come True

I am a 47 year old male who all my life wanted a cobra, being the father of 5 children my wife and I needed a minivan to get all of us around, so instead of getting my car I bought my wife her van. Life is full of sacrifice, so I did what I knew had to be done little did I know she had some money she had saved up, she told me it was mine time," I need to do this for you" "now go get your car". I looked all over for the car I wanted and when I found it, I got it! this is like the greatest gift I have ever gotten besides her and our children. Judie has stuck with me even after knowing I have lupus sle and for her to give me my dream car, what an awesome woman I have but also what an awesome car I have, I am going to hang onto this puppy for good. I have driven alot of cars in my life but this one is a beast!. The 1996 Cobra SVT is by far the most fun driving car I have ever had, thank you FORD-HOMERUN!!!!!