The Grand Rebirth

I have owned ford cars for 28 years my firs mustang of was a 5.0 then through out the years i have had cugars and thunder bird, . Then came the SUV i wanted one so bad, but when i was abe to buy a explorer i read about the expedition. So anyways i waited until the epedition came out . I wanted one bad but could not afford one yet. Then i won my medical retirement from the US Army. in 1999, Ha I was now on the hunt. I bought me a 1998 Ford Expedetiton with 30.000 mile and then i was hooked. In 2003 I was at the car show in San Diego ca. that made me sure that i was an Expedtion man i was in a new 2004 Expedtion in 2003 it was a brand new and it was mine first. I have been really wanting to buy another car but i have to 2012 to pay of my 2007 Expedetion. So now i am thinking of the cobra i have always dreamed of, but i remince about the 1970 grand torino my buddy owned in 1981 i love that car. I am tire of all this Chevey compitition so let's take them back. We not only have American icon but we have the sweet dream the Grand Torino. Please concider the Grand Torino again. We are the American Dream.
Thank you for allowing me to have the pleasure of owing some great cars and trucks.
John Thompson 951-306-9341 that is my American dream