My Kids Names

I've always been a Ford fan, owning quite a few over the years. In fact, I'm such a Mustang fan, I have a 66 and an 07 GT. I have the Mustang and Cobra tattoos I'm such a fan, that my oldest son's middle name is actually Ford Mustang. My other son's middle name is Cobra Jet. It's on their social security cards and birth certificates. The kids at school are calling my youngest son Cobra now, so he thinks he's the coolest thing ever. Now I have to provide them with cars that are fitting to their names. The 66 is going to my oldest, and I recently came across a 67 Torino GT, looks like I'll be putting a Cobra Jet in that one. Meanwhile, the wife drives the 07 Mustang and I get the 99 F-150 with 175k miles, and never given me any trouble.
Barbara Ashmead 02/23/2010
Too bad you didn't have a girl to name her Shelby :O)