I'm Shocked!

By Mark H.

I'm shocked to see my car on your list since so few even know the car was ever made! I bought my 72 Sport Roof Mustang in 76 With my high school graduation money and spent the next 30 years trying to find out what I owned. Even contacting the Ford Motor Co. didn't really help. They just told me my "R" code mustang was something I should hang on to. And I have. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the web site for the national BOSS registry that I found out what I had. The car is original with 62000 miles. I am hoping to start restoration next year. I also own two 79 STANG's. One is an original COBRA and the other was a 4 cyl car that now has a 460, C6,and a 9 inch in it. I also have an 85 Eddie Bower Bronco and two other Blue Oval daily drivers.