My Father

My story is about my father.When my father was younger he bought a 1964 Galaxy with a 427 and 4 speed.He bought it brand new.He said when he bought it they had two of them,so he bought the black one.He said the sales man said there was a THUNDERBOLT in a dealer in Chicago.The salesman and my dad didnt have a clue what a THUNDERBOLT was.After he seen one he found out real fast.Then he wished he bought one.So then he did some his to make it even faster.He drag raced it and was never beat.I can remember stories about it.He said he would tell people to go as far as they wanted and hit there brakes,then he was on the way ,he would catch them and pass them.Back in those days everyone raced in the streets.The car was then stolen.Then he built a 1956 Thunderbird.He said it still holds a record with NHRA.When I was growing up he had several cars.One was a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang.I can remember riding in it.I think it was the fastest car that I have ever been in.It would leave two black marks in 3 gears as far as you wanted .All you had to do was stay on the throttle.That was my favorite car .When I was growing up all my toys were Ford toys,cars,trucks and even Ford tractors.He made sure every toy I had was a Ford toy or it wouldnt make it to the toybox.When I was growing up all the cars and trucks were Fordsand my closet was full of Ford T shirts.He always said dont come home with anything else.My grandmother come to visit one time and she bought a new Grand Prix(GM) and he wouldnt let her park it in the driveway.She ended up trading it for a Thunderbird so she could visit.After that she always bought Fords.He was a big Nascar fan until they let Toyota in.He still watches but he lets you hear about it.People ask him who his favorite driver is and he says ANYONE THAT IS IN A FORD.My dad is now retired and he still drives Fords(F350).He bought a 1964 Galaxy and he said he was going to build a 427 Galaxy like he had when he was younger.He even mows his yard with Ford,Ford 6000 tractor,Ford riding mower and even a Ford push mower.Now he would like to have one of the new Ford Boss 302 Mustangs.I said to him good luck with that.Because of my father I am a Ford man and I will always be one.Brian Burton.
Collin Harris 07/12/2011
i never knew ford made walk behind mowers