Can Believe I Like A Ford!

My first car was a blue 1987 ford escort hatchback. I called it Scottie and so did all my friends. It broke down on me constantly; everyweek it was something transmission, my breaks fell off while i was driving, the engine wouldn't turn off until i got out of the car and shut the driver side door lol. It's funny now, but to a kid with no funds it was horrible. in the end it had 252K miles on it. i had it until it's dimise in 1998. When i was finally able to purchase my own car I switched to Cheverolet and never looked back. Ii said i would never buy a ford;EVER! Recently, i was rear-ended at a red light twice in one week. Aug 2 and Aug7. The 2nd hit left my chevy lifeless so i had to rent a car until the other drivers insurance settled my case(they still havent). The only car they had at the rental place was a 2012 Ford Focus. Now let me just tell you; i am the only person in my family who doesn't have a ford two of my siblings have fusions, 3 have the focus, 1 has an Expedition, and my best friend has the 2012 explorer. I waited at the rental place for hours to get another car other than the Focus, but none were available so i took the Focus. I was extremely surprised at what i have been experiencing in this car. I use the SYNC constantly and sometimes i don't want to get out of the car because I love talking to my friends and family in the car and love that i was able to download my music into the car!!! It has every single thing i need!!I I LOVE THIS CAR!! It has leather seats; and the speed OMG it drives like a race car!! I have been renting this Focus since Sept 1st. (4 months). I know i will have to give it up when my case settles but I don't want to lol. The Focus has spoiled me to no end. Eventually, after this is all over i will no doubt have to buy another car(my chevy is not repairable). If i can afford it after all my bills are paid I will definitely buy this car. KUDOS TO FORD! The Focus is Furious!!! Also, the seats in the Focus were great for my back injury it gave me fantastic back support and helped me in my recovery. Thank You