Built Foed Tough And Still Running

My first Ford drive was a 1932 Model B Ford pick up which my grand father purchaced in 1932 because he was a contractor, and I wasn't born until 1933. I drove it it for my dad, who also was a Civil Engineer and contractor when I first worked for him after my 16th birthday for a summer job.
It was a 4 cyl, stick shift, double clutching, air=conditioned, opening front windshield 3-passenger 4 x 4 box
pickup truck, and when I moved to FL in 2004, I saw one still running on Fort Myers Beach for a Canvas maker
to haul finished product to his customers, for their boats.
I have owned a 1965 xlt 6-pass station wagon, a 1973Country Squire Stat wgn, a 3 door 1980 Escort, leased a Tempo 3 different Taurus models, owned a Maverik 2-dr coupe, , a 199733 Grand Torino
and now I am in my 10th year in a 2000 Club Wagon, which has 193,450 miles with all original equipment.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Fords i have owned and or leased, and I am now 76 y.o. and still loving Ford Product.
I may purchase a new Ford in 2010, asit will probably be thelast Ford I will be able to own and/or drive.
Also, I purcahsed a 1968 Ford Mustang Converible in 1980, and restored it, drove it to workinApril of 1980after I restored the brakes, and sold it in 1996 for more money than I paid for it. It was candy apple red with black interior, a 302 V-8 with a 2-4barrel carb, and it was certainly fun to drive in the 80's and 90's. Every time I went out of town on business, my wife or children were driving it as well, although my swife didn't tell me untilafter they grew up and left our home.
Ford Vehicles have been my favorite experience in all my driving life time.