Best Ford Truck Ever

This is the best Ford Truck I have Ever purchased new. I have increased the mileage from 16.0 to 18.5 sometimes better. This increase mainly came from a Banks six gun on mode six. I also have a air intake and Aero muffler.
cathy marcotte 02/12/2010
got ya all beat, i own the best ford truck 1998 f150, replaced the brakes, tires an one battery, looks brand new inside, that old beast has 239,000 on it and still drives like the day i test drove it, i was never a ford person but now i have no choice but to go back to look at the new ones, ive told hubby gonna drive it till has 500,000 then ask ford if they want to buy it back, lol
cause trust me this one was built with american pride, underneath has no oil leaks either!
Kiel Eltiste 01/04/2010
I think I have the best F-150 ever. I purchased it new 29 April 2002. It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. Also the most trouble free. The odometer has 144375 miles on it and the total repairs are 1 rear universal joint, 1 battery, 1 set of spark plugs, 2 sets of breaks, 3 sets of tires. I have had the cloth seat repaired two times. I wear it out on the outside of the seat. The last set of mitchelin tires went 92000+ miles. I can't say enough for the engineering that went into making the 2002 F-150. Here in our neck of the woods I have yet to see many 2002 150's
for sale. If all of Fords vehicles were as good as mine the service departments would be looking for work......