And My F100 Is Still Out There Somewhere!

It was august of 1970 and I needed a truck to haul my newly married wife's and my things back to purdue from ft eustis virginia after being honorably released from the army...also after vietnam. I fnally found an old ford 1949 f 100 a farmer had ln his barn for $25.00...not a bad price for a flathead that he said would get me home...but it did use Some oil. I loved that truck and I proceeded to have it painted a metallic blue after putting in a new mahogany stripped didn't have a dent in it!
Well...he was right. It used one quart of ol every 100 miles but we made it. That flathead did it's job for vtwo years after that and moved us back and forth to michigan faifullLy.
As it turned out...while I was a. Volunteer fire fighter in the summer, I was on my way home when I saw a neighbor,s house ablaze and had to leave the motor running. It overheated with a cracked head and I tbhought it was finished. Shortly later I replaced the flathead with a v-8. ...what a super truck!
Time passed and upon graduation in 73 I had to sell the truck for $450.00......kicked myself ever since. I often think.of my truck now wheneever those adds for die cast trucks re run.
Thanks for the oppotunity to remember those great days with an old friend!...jim dunaway.