An Old Friend

A boy’s dream fulfilled is how I would describe my first Ford. As a child, I admired my uncle, who happened to drive a Ford Ranger. My favorite moments with my uncle were riding in his Ranger. The truck was green, and was a four-wheel drive, and I knew that it could go anywhere. I clearly remember going off road on summer days, and feeling the smooth drops of the terraces as we passed over them. The sounds of the tall grass slapping against the front and sides of the truck still rings in my ear, and my mind travels back to those warm memories with my uncle.
When I became a teenager, I had an important decision to make on what kind of vehicle I wanted. For me, there was no decision to be made; I wanted a Ford Ranger. My parents and I searched many different Ford dealerships until we came upon the perfect truck. The light glimmered off of the truck’s charcoal gray coat, and I fell in love. The truck was a 2005 Ford Ranger Edge, and I knew at that instant that the truck and I belonged together.
The Ranger that I bought that day has a lasting impression on my mind similar to the memories that one has of their boyhood dog. The truck carried me to football practice, school, church, and wherever I desired to go. I drove the truck for two years before I totaled it from my own human error, but even today, I still reflect back on my Ford Ranger and mourn its loss as I would an old friend.