25 Years Of Marriage

Hello I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this, but I would like to tell someone about my husband. Let me start by saying he does not yet own a Ford but he has been wanting one for a long time. We will be married 25 years on July 17th. We got married when we were really young (15 & 18). We both come from ruff childhoods and really dysfunctional families. I am proud to say we have broken the cycle. we now have four wonderful children ages 24,21,18 & 12 all boys. My oldest son Matthew just bought his first Ford brand new and he loves it. my next son has a older Ford truck and my third son has a really old flatbed Ford. needless to say they all love Fords. okay back to my husband he is the hardest working man I know. he works at The Boys and Girks club in maintenance. I admire him so much for everything he does and the sacrifices he makes. I can't put into words how much he means to me. I would love to get him a New dually wheeled diesel truck for our anniversary ,but I'm not sure how to go about getting him one. Our credit is not the best we have been struggling financially and got into a bad real-estate deal. I would do anything to see his face when he sees a Ford truck with a big ribbon on it in his parking place. sorry if I rambled and didn't make much sence but I just want you to know my husband is a wanna be be Ford man and I love him more than anything. He reminds me a lot of Mike Rowe he gets into some real dirty jobs. he could probably give Mike a run for his money. thank you for reading Carla Heightland