Wrong way driving

It's not the biggest concern, accounting for about 360 highway deaths per year but since many new vehicles come with gps, incorporate the technology to sense when the vehicle is going the wrong direction on a freeway.  An alarm could sound in the vehicle and it could automatically alert police and track the position of the car for them. In time it could also alert oncoming vehicles via their own car's computer or on metro highway warning signs.  Could also alert drivers when emt vehicles are approaching them from behind. May not be feasible nationwide but perhaps in metro areas to start.
Colby S 02/12/2014
I think this is a great idea! I think it should be linked with the break assist where it flashes red on the windshield(maybe a different color as not to mix?) Not quite sure police should be involved but defintely a crippling feature to the engine if not righted within 100 ft of the warning. Enough time to right the car.