Wipers activated: headlamps automatically ON.

By Jim S.

Accident Avoidance and Driver Assist Technologies. Wipers activated -> headlamps triggered ON.

This safety feature could be programmed on or off by dealer or end user in accordance with Country/State/Province laws/regulations governing the use of head lamps and end user's preferences. Some military bases have rules on headlamp use.
Gary J 01/21/2014
I didn’t know the lights came on automatically when the wipers were turned on! When I purchase my 2013 Fusion Hybrid, it came with automatic headlights. I had assumed the “automatic” was like my 2002 Grand Am’s automatic headlights. The headlights were on at half intensity during the day time and full intensity in lower light and night driving. For safety, I was glad the lights were on when I was driving down the highway on a sunny day. Automatic headlight to me meant not having to adjust or change the setting of the headlight knob. I would love to have Ford do some type of software update and have this feature!
Jim S 01/08/2014
Did not know that, thanks Curran.
Curran F 12/11/2013
This feature is currently active on models with automatic headlights.