Wiper motion.

Wiper motion should be opposite of what it presently is. When the blades move to the left(from inside the car) they spend most of the time in the veiw of the driver, plus the water that is running off, plus the streak left by the right blade. This is very distracting to the driver. From the passenger side you only have one blade moving back and forth and you have a great view. If they were reversed the driver would have the most open view. As a passenger I should have the lesser of the obstructions and the driver should have the most open view of the road. Therefore my suggestion is redesign the wipers to pivot from the passsenger side rather than the drivers side..
Randy E 01/27/2013
I used to drive a Ford L9000 (A 56000lb commercial truck) and the wipers were "backwards" of normal opperation. Being in a very dusty environment and a rather snowy climate, when ever dust or snow would build up on the windshield it would build up right in front of your face because of the arch the left wiper made. The same kind of spot that occurs on the passenger side of most vehicles now. It was super annoying and way more distracting than the lines from the current set up.
Stan U 01/26/2013
They do that below the equator for the Australian market.