Wiper activated headlamps

By Jim L.

When it's raining enough to activate windshield wipers it time to turn on the headlamps.This is the law in a number of states but usually not adhered to.One life saved would more than justify this feature.When the wipers are turned on so would the lights.
Britt S 03/21/2013
Have it on my 2013 Focus. It's combined with the autolamp automatic headlights. You have to turn the feature on by activating the daytime rain setting. then when the system sees your wipers activated, but it's too light to turn on the headlights, it will turn them on after 10 seconds of continual wiper activation.
Dustin M 11/12/2012
My 2008 Fusion has this feature and I love it!
Derek F 10/29/2012
My 2011 Ford F150 already has this feature and I love it.