winter improvements Ford Escape Hybrid

By Lisa I.

1 allow driver to put vehicle in 4wd on their own, really makes it easier to drive in icy conditions especially on turns and from stops. I live in an area that has bad weather much of the time, icy roads mainly. It would be safer to stay in 4wd to prevent the sliding when proceeding from a stop and trying to cross intersections.
2 Put a real tire on outside swing arm for the spare, makes it easier to change tire in winter weather. And when on rough backroads or dirtroads a fake spare would not survive to drive.
3 Move TCS button higher on dashboard, sometimes gets pressed inadvertently when wearing gloves or reaching down to get item from tray.
4 Put in blind spot indicators, really helps in heavy traffic
5 Move vent in back to higher position so that when moving crosscountry one does not have to worry about blocking it
6 move highbeams from turn signal to where rest of lights are because when blinker is used sometimes highbeams are inadvertenly turned on
Jeffrey Z 02/01/2013
You allow the truck owners to switch select their 4wd, why not the cars too.