windshield wipers

By Mark W.

i live up north where it snows on a regular basis from nov-apr and i plow for my municipality. have done so for the past 25yrs...that gives me a bit of knowlege of what it means to plow....what i am proposing here would be a great benefit to anybody who lives where it snows. one major problem with snow is that it gets trapped under your wiper and the defroster melts what it can...the rest truns to ice which builds up until it actually lifts the wiper from the glass. major problem. my suggestion would be this....when someone first hits the wipers...they act in unison which means the right side (pass.side) empties the snow from that side over to the left side (driver's side)...the left side wiper catches the snow and deposits it under the blade at the lower edge of the windshield. if there were offset wipers where they did not work in unison...this would be avoided...resulting in a much safer winter driving condition...heres the idea...the right side wipes first...bringing the snow to the middle of the drivers side and as it retracts...the left side wiper comes into play...this motion would actually clear the windshield completely....trapping nothing under the blade to freeze and turn into ice resulting in the wiper lifting from the glass...when the wiper lifts from the glass it only allows a build up of more ice...which means...the driver has to get out of the vehicle and scrape/chip the ice from the lower part of the windshield...or...try to look above the building ice until visibility is just about gone....i use a 1014 ford 3/4 ton truck to plow with for my . is not uncommon for me to spend . and up to 16hrs at a whack in that truck and find myself hopping out to clear this ice build up twice an hour on the average...this idea would benefit anybody who drives or lives in a snowy part of the country. i have plowed with several makes of trucks and nobody has this feature and they would all benefit from it...i hope you will honestly consider this as at an option for those of us who live in the snowy parts of the country...i for one would demand it on my next ford truck that i would plow with. thank you for your time and feel free to contact me in regards to this as typing is not a strong point of mine. respectfully submitted.