"Where's my Speedometer!" 2013 Taurus

By Ben E.

Problem: my instrument cluster layout: Tachometer left, Speedometer Right and information center screen in the center. My steering wheel covers up the Speedometer and I find myself constantly shifting to look around the steering wheel to check my speed.

Idea for a fix: The information display will show a digital read of the speed when the cruse control is set. Why not have an option to display the speed digitally in this area. I have no idea if this is a simple software upgrade or some kind of hardware change. I'm sure if it's software, you'll do it. I don't see a hardware upgrade being done for an easier read of information that is available already, even if it's hidden behind the steering wheel.

By the way, I'm about 6'-2" so the seat is set mostly rearward and to it's lowest position, maybe the designers are shorter? Because if I scoot forward and put my head at 6-8" away from the Steering wheel at about 2-3" above the top of the wheel, I can see the speedometer just fine. Very tough to maintain this position though, unless your about 5'-4" or less.
Timothy S 07/15/2013
I second that for my F-150.