:I have a design comment. One night, after having seen an individual changing a tire on the side of the road, I mentioned to my wife why vehicles do not have a light in the wheel-well area that would be of great assistance when having to change a tire during darkness. It seems like such an easy solution. A small, but bright lamp can be imbedded into the well frame and controlled by a switch on the dash-board, or inside of the glove box. Often times all you have is a flashlight that doesn't always provide the necessary lighting for such work. You may have to lay it on the ground so you can remove the lugnuts or try and prop it on something. A simple wheel well light would resolve that issue and provide oncoming traffic a warning as to what your problem is. Just a thought....for you to steal.....
HENRY M 11/13/2013
easily wiped off when needed....wouldn't ya think?
Marshall W 10/28/2013
Interesting idea, the first thing that comes to mind though is that a light in the wheel well would very quickly be coverd with road dirt and mud thereby defeating its purpose.