Weight sensors!

By Toni N.

Dear Ford Engineers- I can not bear to hear of another child dying from accidentally being left in a hot car. With all of the technology at your disposal, can new cars be equipped with sensors that will cause an alarm to sound if 10 or more pounds is left in a seat for more than 3 minutes? It must be an alarm different from a break-in alarm. Something recognizable to notify anyone in a parking lot to please help. I know you already have sensors that detect if a person is sitting in the car without a seatbelt so it seems to me an easy next step. This will also help people with health issues and disabilities.
Thank You! Toni Nezey Sr
I agree to Disagree, Cheap is the Answer. You guys have had this technology for well over 15 yrs. As i mentioned i happen to own the Special Edition Jck Nicklaus 93' Big Block V8...350 if im not mistaken...Anyways..This was and still is the most advanced car "tech-ni-logical" wise that youve ever made. its like the exact same as the Ford "Police/Interceptor" Cruisers. The only problem is the Sensors need changing electronically. Most likely the Relays.
john s 08/15/2012
This is a great idea -- but there would have to be a method or mechanism that could define a passenger from a bag or groceries. All too often people will leave a heavy purse or brief case in the seat which could trigger a false alarm.

What could be done is this; rear seat area is designated for car carriers -- if the Ford Engineers installed a specific type of seat belt buckle for baby car seat use, this could be tied into the Central Locking System. If the seat belt is left buckled the locking module could be programmed to do an automatic "chirp-back" different from the standard passive or active lock alert. It could be programmed to unlock the car instantly if the car door is closed or the alarm system is activated. This could use a weigh sensor that could be calibrated by the driver -- taking into account the initial weigh of the car seat, as some drivers will like to leave the seat installed rather than removing it each time. this would also give the driver flexibility to change the initial weight setting if a new car seat is purchased.