Video camera

By Max B.

Place a video camera on the backside of the mirror. Also have it activate in case of an accident. It should also have a manual button in case of a crime or a road rage or a drunk driver. The disc would be located in the trunk for easy storage and removal just like the police have.
eric peay 07/04/2014
If your going to install a camera in your car have it installed so that it either automatically comes on when you turn on the car or you just turn it on once you get in. It should be recording while your driving so if a car accident happens the camera has caught how it happened and who's at falt.
Deamot 10/15/2012
the camera should be able to sense if there is someone around it so it starts recording and if a window breaks or something it should send the video to the owner is car
Good idea.
Anthony Spencer 01/15/2012
What are you doing on the road that everyone is mad at you over? And dont you dare say 'obeying the speed limit'
Cassandra Pena 01/02/2012
well i don't that Bad of an idea but if you want an opinion is why don't put the video camera inside the vehicle instead of a big video camera just those tiny ones i think that would help but never do it for the purpose of hatred. Do a race or another thing show you truly love FORD that's what i would but it just my opinion
Jerry N LouAnn Olson 09/10/2011
Place an alert Driver in Truck instead.
Raven 04/28/2011
The problems with a such a camera is the legality of such a video in court. It may not be usable and can be discounted if you can't prove who the driver is.