Vehicle Performance and Security

Eliminate all of the gauges and warning lights on the interior, in its place utilitize a docking station for electronic options of laptop, I-Pad, etc. This allows the owner to download vehicle information to the manufacturer or dealership. In addition, remove the unit and the vehicle is dead in the water and cannot be stolen.

Imagine knowing exactly how your vehicle is doing, whats wrong with your vehicle, change vehicl performance based on both gps and weather information, etc
Marshall W 10/28/2013
The problem with this idea is that a car is made to last for many years while the life of a typical tablet type device is a few years at best.  Given the fact that the tablet/phone technology is constantly evolving, how could Ford possibly come up with a universal "docking station" that would accomodate all of the different choices of devices available today and that would also work with the devices 10 or 15 years from now?