U-Turn and Soft Turn Signals

By Marc H.

I have a "shark tank" idea. How about revolutionizing the turn signal. Instead of having just left and right turn signals. We have lights on our turn signals that indicate whether you are turning a "Hard" left which indicates a right angle turn. Or a "Soft"' left turn signal which indicates a obtuse turn signal. And lastly a "U" turn signal that indicates to the people on the road that you are making a "U" turn. It would revolutionize the industry making it safer for drivers who turn properly on the road. Your turn signal would be like a WIND SHIELD WIPER. You know how you click once for slow, 2 for fast, 3 for rapid. Well for the turn signal, click once for hard left, 2 for soft left, or 3 for a left u turn, or vise versa to the right. This would work well for city drivers who are constantly caught at 6 corner lights which have multiple left and right turns on streets. What are your people's thought on the idea?
Mark P 01/20/2013
I think the idea is good on a general level. I think conceptually it would work. However it is the human factor that concerns me the most. It would rally take a while to educate the general public of the new changes and there are several MILLION older and unaware drivers that will never get it. But i still think the idea is keen for sure. Keep up the good work