Turning Off Traction Control

quoted from the 3rd Printing:

Ford Fiesta 2011

Switching off AdvanceTrac
-If the vehicle is stuck in snow, mud or sand, and seems to lose engine
power, switching off certain features of the AdvanceTrac system may be
beneficial because the wheels are allowed to spin. This will restore full
engine power and will enhance momentum through the obstacle.
-To switch off the AdvanceTrac system, select traction control off
through the vehicle setting menu in the multi-function display. Full
features of the AdvanceTrac system can be restored by selecting TCS
again or by turning off and restarting the engine.
-If you switch off the AdvanceTrac system, the traction control system
will be de-selected in the multi-function display and the stability control
off light will illuminate steadily. Selecting the AdvanceTrac system again
will turn off the stability control off light.

On the Ford Fiesta 2011 does not have this feature.
This needs to be added so you can turn off when stuck in snow or ice.
Chance F 03/20/2014
I believe you can press the e-brake one click and it will disable the TCS. I've done it in previous cars, and my current Focus, though the focus has a disable button.
Jon P 02/14/2014
Just took my awd Ford Edge in deeper snow for the first time. I was shocked when I needed power the most it just throttled down and I just sat there stuck. I had to dig myself out. I've had lots of 4 wheel drives, many Ford Explorers, and all of them had absolutely no problem going through the same conditions in 4 wheel drive. I see now you can turn the traction control off and it should be better but was shocked when the harder I pushed the gas the more it shut down the throttle. Didn't see that one coming. I'm going to test it in the snow with the traction control off but if it is anything like my experience yesterday,and I have to drive in much snow, I will be trading this car fast. And I hate to do it because I love everything else about the car. But that is why we buy 4 wheel drives and awd's so we can get about in the snow.
JOHNNY N 02/11/2014
im not here 2 arge with anyone but let me expalin with brook the craw works decent cause of the base model not having the alloys with the low pro. I have a 2014 ford focus and i know its not fun with 18 and low pro summer tires. If you know about driving in the snow then wider and low pro make you sink instead of cut. With maual you have more throtle control so crawling is alot better compaired 2 the auto witch kick in on the lower tq bands for better mpg. iv been in snow and ice with my 2014 focus sport pkg and its a pain compared 2 my retired 95 camry with no trak and abs it depends on the the skill of the driver.... this goes both way race cars dont use track or abs cause of the limiting factors but not everyone is a race car drive now are we.
Brook L 12/17/2013
This is a bad idea and I cannot believe so many people think Traction Control is a problem. It's actually great to have if you learn how to work with it. You have to keep the rpms steady and use a slow left/right alternating turning technique to let the traction control switch between the front tires and claw out of the snow slow and steady. I suggest you take the car out when there is just a couple inches on the ground, find a good incline and give it a try. My 2011 Ford Fiesta base model with manual transmission gets me home just fine if I keep the car in the center lane of the highway and keep the rpms slow, modest and steady. Don't disable it. Learn to use it!
FiestaOwner 03/28/2013
This is a poor workaround, but it's better than being stuck in the snow: short circuit (with a paper clip for example) pins 6 and 14 of the OBD-II diagnostic connector (trapeze connector to left of the steering wheel, about left knee high). This will prevent all CAN messages from the traction control from reaching the engine control unit, so the engine will maintain power. This will also turn the RPM and vehicle speed gauges off and turn all cluster lights on. ABS will still be working. After you get out of the snow, remove the paper clip, turn off the engine and turn the engine back on. The cluster will be back to normal. This trick saved me twice this winter. For more information about the OBD-II connector, pictures and pinouts, check Wikipedia.
Liz F 01/26/2013
thanks so much for this post! I had the most horrendous drive home yesterday in my new 2012 focus. at a traffic light - it turned green and i couldnt move. then i couldnt even start to get up one hill. i thought "and this car was so highly eated in the snow?" (i previously owned rav-4s and a cr-v.). it was great going down hill in the snow, but as soon as i went from a dead stop trying to get up a hill - Nothing!! just like jonny said - it is a helpless feeling mashing the accelerator and Nothing happens. i was scared to death. I'm still shaking as i write this. thank god i got home safely. then i found this post - i had no idea how to turn off the traction control. thank you all for this. info. i havent been back in the car yet, but can you tell me where on the steering wheel control and menu it is? the manual (which i had to print out as my car was used and didnt have one) does not do a good job of showing diagrams or pictures of the menu items. thanks!
Jonny 12/24/2012
I just got home from getting stuck in the snow twice! I love my Fiesta, but when you have to go uphill from a dead stop, the traction control kicks in and keeps the car from moving. Its a very helpless feeling when you're just mashing the gas and nothing is happening, all while cars are lining up behind you, waiting to get by. This causes more problems for the other cars too, as they are forced to stop in the middle of a hill, in between cars, with nowhere to go; all in slippery road conditions. this needs to be fixed!!
Jason T 10/18/2012
So, which fuse (or combination of fuses) is it that one should pull in order to disable the AdvanceTrac system?
Tim Casey 11/19/2011
I bought an early build never thought about an on/off switch as all other Fords i have owned the had TCS had an off button. Got stuck multiple times last year. Expect to get stuck alot again this winter. Ford wants to ignore the issue on early builds. Dealers says since the off light isn't in the cluster they are not authorized to flash the computer with the 2012 software. This is a lame excuse. if they have to replace the cluster then so be it. Thats what they should do. They releazed halfway through the model they messed up. They fixed it but won't fix it on early build cars. Ford needs to step up.
William Pettigrew 08/10/2011
Sorry, I just repeated this idea. However this post did not show up on a search of 'Fiesta Traction Control' so there you go.
Jeremy Lipton 06/14/2011
Updating the traction control defeat six months into production and not supporting updates for early builds is providing disincentive to Ford's early adopters. It's a new model, with a new business model. I understand there may be some issues, but not resolving the issue for the early adopters is a poor business decision. I have come to expect more from Ford, and hope this issue is resolved before the Cmax is launched in the states as I'd be hesitant to recommend a new model if customers are left stuck in the snow.
NVH Engr 06/14/2011
Stuck too, well, actually, not stuck, just never got started! Anything greater than 4 inches of snow and I had to shovel three feet at a time until I got to plowed roads. My old Festiva was better in the winter- whatever it takes, whatever it costs, please please please let me turn off my traction control!
Jay Tingley 06/04/2011
The ability to disable traction control at low speeds is a must . I live in Alaska and many times per winter I don't have any problems in the driveway getting around after a snowfall; its when I have to bust my way out onto the highway through snow berms left by the state snowplows that turning off traction control is essential
GreenFiesta 05/02/2011
Stuck twice this winter. Thinking of putting electrical tape on the ABS fuse just so i know which one to pull when the car bogs in snow.
Danial Van Buskirk 04/26/2011
This is a must do Ford! We don't want people hacking into the ABS system to turn TCS off. This should be a TSB/software update ASAP.
Christopher Malecki 02/09/2011
I was going to buy a fiesta until i was told i can not turn off the traction control! That wont work in where i live with all the ice.
Peter Jacobs 02/03/2011
Please fix this. Its very annoying, and its by biggest gripe with the car. I will resort to pulling fuses until I find the right one, but would much rather prefer a button.
Dustin 12/30/2010
couldn't get up a driveway with about 2 inches of snow/ice on it the other day because the traction control kept jumping in and stealing all of my power. Had I known that you couldn't turn it off, I would not have bought this car.
Rick T 12/16/2010
My wife's Dodge Nitro has the ability to turn off Traction Control and we needed it this past weekend to get her Nitro out of our driveway. Please add this feature to ALL Fiesta built and future builds. This needs to be available to current owners not just new builds.
John S. 12/16/2010
Judging by a few comments back on our Forum I think we need a little clarification. The point of this fix/update would not be remove any of the electronic aids; I wholly agree that ESC, ABS and TC greatly improve the car's abilities in most situations and this suggestion isn't about giving us a way to disable the ESC or ABS. The Traction Control is the one electronic aid that can be a little overbearing when you are trying to get going from a dead stop on ice; such as you would find leaving your drive-way in the morning, or pulling forward from a stop sign. In those situations, if the TC senses slip from the wheels and cuts power, especially in the stop sign situation, you yourself become the road hazard because you physically to not have the ability to move the car using the throttle. In certain icy situations, a way to defeat the TC is on a car this light is most certainly needed.
Norm Nicastro 12/15/2010
This is too important not to have. If I had known before hand I would not have bought the Fiesta.
jimkberry 12/15/2010
This is actually a pretty big deal and might have affected my decision to purchase my Fiesta had I known about it.
Bryan 12/15/2010
Awesome idea! The lack of an on/off button for the traction control is one of the only drawbacks to the Fiesta.
John S. 12/15/2010
Agreed. I've wondering about this myself. Why is the feature listed in the Owner's Manual when it is not accessible on the cars themselves? Was this something that was initially going to be an option on the cars and then removed from the programming? If so, it was a very poor choice to remove it. The new Fiesta does great on snow, but when on ice I've experienced the traction control kicking in and preventing me from even moving the car.