Transparent Windshield to prevent sunglare

I am a current adult student at the Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio. I'm taking an Integrated Marketing Communications course and my project team is working on developing an IMC project and we have chosen Ford as our brand product. Our idea is to develop a transparent windshield glass that will adjust to the sunlight, which is very similar to prescription eye glass lens, to improve the safety of drivers by providing increased visibility. The car that we would add this feature to is the 2012 Ford Focus. The driver would be able to press a button on the dash board to adjust the transparent windshield on a very sunny day, in order to protect the driver from the dangerous sunglare. I appreciate the opportunity to submit our idea. My ODU Cohort project team members are Alice Cayne, Zondra Brown, Leslie Avery and myself, Yvonne Harris.
Michelle Hiner 03/31/2011
I love this idea. As an ex-Deputy Sheriff I investigated several accidents where sunglare was a contributing factor to the accident and sometimes the accidents were with serious injury or fatalities! Awesome idea guys!