Trailer Brake Controller

By Phil L.

The built-in factory trailer brake controller should be included in the Tow Package on every vehicle Ford offers the Tow Package. For example, the Explorer can haul 5,000 pounds with the tow package. That is a lot of weight to slow down in an emergency situation without having trailer brakes connected. Even if it's not included in the Tow Package, it should at least be an option. It is a vital option on the F-150 and Super Duty, and would be beneficial to the Escape, Explorer, Edge, Expedition and Flex also.
John Bushong 09/13/2013
Hopefully the newer models have been programmed better.i have the 2005 SD 350 and I can't test the brakes before a trip.Normal procedure is to lock the trailor brake manually and try to pull it. Ford wants you to get up to 6 miles an hour and then lock the brakes. Yeah, right. How dumb is that.
SHANE S 10/30/2012
I totally agree. What happened to common sense. Ford should be ashamed of themselves for this. I have a 2011 f150 and it came installed. I also bought a 2012 Expedition El and it came with a heavy duty tow package and a transmission cooler but no integrated brake controller. You can't even pay to have an "integrated" one installed as it is not available. The only option is adding on an exterior mounting "aaftermarket" version. Amazing. Isn't this a safety issue for Ford. Hopefully they will wake up.
Steven H 06/11/2012
I just ordered an F150 and when I added the brake controller I was required to get the fog lights. What in the world would fog lights have anything to do with making the trailer brakes work???
Michael B 03/16/2012
hmmm can't like the idea ... I agree, I have a Flex with tow package, have not towed yet, but this makes me think I'll be real cautious when I do!
I have it on my F350 and love the way it helps stop my 5th wheel. I think it should be part of any Ford Tow Package.