Towing Mirrors on Expedition

How about offering towing mirrors on the Expedition models that are equipped with a tow package. There are no aftermarket mirrors available that fit and look good. I have lost two different types of universal fit mirrors due to the turn signal under my 2003 Expy. I like the way the truck rides and tows and would like to see this improvement to eliminate the headaches of clamping aftermarket mirrors on everytime I tow my trailer.
Dan Ethington 08/26/2014
I really want towing mirrors for the Expedition. I've towed my travel trailer 11,000 miles with my 2007 expedition. It's a great tow vehicle, but needs towing mirrors and a transmission temperature gauge. I've used the McKesh Mirrors that work great, but are anything but a factory fit.
Steve S. 08/16/2014
Just bought a '14 Expedition Limited and have been looking for towing mirrors as well. Ford needs to help resolve this issue.
Kevin 07/18/2014
I'm also looking for towing mirrows for expedition limited 2010.
Bruce C. 03/01/2014
Towing mirrors needed for Expeditions. I'm on my second Expedition, the first, an 03' had 180,000 miles when it was rear ended and totaled, this one, an 05', has 105,000 on it. Both had or have the 5.4, both have been absolutely flawless towing. The main complaint is the mirrors suck for this task. I've spent at least 150,000 miles between the 2 towing trailers and not being able to see around my trailers. Come on Ford, wake up and rectify this situation for the thousands of customers that would benifit from this.
donald 02/24/2014
I just bought a new camper for my 07 with tow package and now am runing into the exact problem mentioned! looks like after two years there is still no solution on the horizon...
Joe Z 02/11/2014
This is good information for someone in the market for a new tow vehicle - thanks for posting it! I need to trade in my 2011 Flex for something that can tow a larger travel trailer. With the Flex I have to strap on McKesh Mirrors each time I tow. I sort of accepted that considering that the Flex is not a significant tow vehicle, though it does come with a tow package. However if I am join to spend $50 - 65,000 on a larger tow vehicle, I better not need to strap on aftermarket mirrors each time I tow. With the Expedition’s tow rating, it was at the top of my list, but considering what I have read here I really need to reconsider other alternatives. Get your act together Ford! How can a company who is so in-tune with the towing market miss such an important feature? We Need Tow Mirrors!
Eric M 01/20/2014
Have been towing 30 foot trailer for two weeks illegally in Florida. Ford does not include a towing mirror in their Expedition tow package. After market mirrors cannot be installed due to the plastic trim on the bottom of wheel wells and doors. I tried strap on mirrors - wasted money. Just have to hope for the best until I can trade for a Chevy.
EricM 10/21/2013
It is hard to imagine:1. Expedition tow package does not include safer mirrors.2. Ford cannot even suggest if the F150 towing mirrors will work.I just bought a 2013 Expedition to tow a travel trailer.  Should have gone with the Chevy.  That will be my next tow vehicle.
John 07/07/2013
I just purchased a 2013 Expedition and I'm also in need of towing mirrors to safely drive my toys (boat, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, but I can't find anything available. I too find this amazing - Ford needs to get their act together. Where are those after-market folks - might be a good market for you.
Andrew 07/05/2013
we just picked up a travel trailer to tow with our 2011 expedition limited and started shopping for towing mirrors. Well, I am now finding that there aren't any. Very disappointing. Hard to believe that ford does not have an option for me here.
Diane 03/14/2013
I find it difficult to fatham that Ford dosen't have tow mirrors for the 2007 Expedition EL. We have looked everywhere and tried every "Generic" tow mirror and none of them work. Why would you put a tow package on it with no available tow mirrors? Seems to me you are missing out on a huge market. I may have to sell my just purchased Expy and go with another manufacturer that does have tow mirrors available with their tow packages. Not giving up my trailer and have friends that pull theirs with a Suburban with tow mirrors!!!!
Penny H 05/25/2012
This is my second Expedition. I have had 2 Fords before that. Needless to say, I love Ford, but I am disappointed that the main reason we bought another Expedition is to tow and now cannot find towing mirrors! Why can't the parts department tell me if the F150 mirrors will work or not without charging me for them and then billing a 20% restocking fee if it doesn't work???
Archie M 05/21/2012
I am planning our summer holidays with our new travel trailer and am wishing that i had some FORD towing mirrors for my '10 expedition, i would feel safer than using clipons or some other type of aftermarket product
Kent Drinkwine 12/15/2011
i find it so hard to fathom that ford motor corp doesn't make an aftermarket towing mirror for their products that come equipped with a towing pkg.. if there are any other type of ford OEM towing mirrors that are compatible with the expedition ie.. ford f150- f400 that would help so much
Kent 12/14/2011
if ford would make towing mirror pkgs for expedtions they'd be much better off as a motor offer a towing package without any exendable mirrors is attrocious
Heidi Campbell 11/14/2011
I would love to see the same features offered on the F150 ecoboost offered on the ford expedition. I want the towing capability of the f150 in an expedition and with that it will need the mirrors and all the goodies. Bring me an expedition just like the 2011 F150 Platinum Ecoboost with Max trailer tow.
Raymond Heath Jr 09/08/2011
Yes we need tow mirrors, most of us buy Expeditions to tow our trailers/toys and still be able to haul our family with us, we use our 09 to tow our pontoon boat and our 4 place atv trailer and we cannot see around them very well with the mirrors that are on it.