Tire Pressure monitoring.

By Doug C.

This is not a new idea, but its one of the most important safety issues for highway driving. Please add Tire pressure monitoring to My Ford Touch.
Roman S 12/18/2012
Yes, why can't we see the tire pressure of each tire? I've seen that in much older cars
David T 12/10/2012
While you're at it, how about (for the Explorer, et at) putting an Ammeter/Voltmeter back onto the dashboard, as was there before the redesign of 2011+.
steve c 12/10/2012
Good idea but I would like one step further and go to not only TPMS warning but GM tells which individual tire is low.
Greg P 10/29/2012
This is a good idea...
art h 10/27/2012
If you have TPMS in your car than there is a dash light that comes on when tire pressure is low. What I think you want is a accurate air pressure reading for MFT so you can see if you have 30# or 31# of air when you need 35#